The House by the Edge of the Woods

We lived in a house by the edge of the woods
We had children and cats, and I did what I could to keep them happy and safe all night and day

I tried to be everything, a mother and a wife
And I had a good life, but it wasn’t enough for you – I was nothing

I worked hard every day in my garage from eight to five and even sometimes at night,
It was a struggle and a fight to feed my family was my plight

I tried to be a husband and a father and a man,
Yes you do what you can, I’d like to give you a hand, I even tried to understand

But you came from another star
You spoke a different language
Galaxies out far in a distant space

For better and worse, but not through the worst of days
(But God works in mysterious ways)
Oh, how I wanted to love you still

So stupid, so sad, so small and how bad was I? I’m so sorry
I lost you, I lost you

Years passed by, I found someone new
She wasn’t like you, she wasn’t like you at all
Luckily, luckily

Then came the bad days and days went by again,
And I found someone new I found someone new
Who was not like you at all

He came from another star
He spoke a different language

Years have gone by, now we’re growing wiser,
And I’ve found someone new –
I found you, I found you

For better and worse,
For the golden age to come
To the house by the edge of the woods

To have and to hold
Now we’re growing old
Days turn into gold

You’re from another star
Teach me, oh teach me your language
Show me galaxies out far in the distant space

Heidi Skjerve

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