"Heartfelt! The combination of Norwegian folk music and jazz has rarely been as successful as this." - Tor Hammerø in the Web Magazine Side 2

"A magnificent album" - Roar Helgheim, Dagsavisen

"Good management of the heritage. Beautiful folk tunes, easily and effectively performed by musicians from the top shelf." - Trygve Lundemo, Adresseavisen

"She challenges herself and her masters by merging folk tunes and cool jazz into a higher unity, and creates a highly personal expression. Yes indeed, Heidi Skjerve sets the course for a new and distinctively Norwegian improvisational music." - Erling Wicklund, NRK

"The songs are very beautiful, and Heidi Skjerves performance is brilliant. Her voice is clear and natural." - Swedish jazz magazine, OJ

"This is Norwegian folk-jazz at it's finest" - Swedish music magazine Lira

"Heidi Skjerve has been given a beautiful voice, which she convey with solid communication skills. (...) The album is a well-composed whole, which offers a charming variation between playful beats and more quiet, melancholic parts." - Norwegian newspaper Vårt Land

"Together, they are a stylistically conistent quartet, with musical confidence and playfulness from deep of the cerebral cortex to the outermost fingertip. (...) It is simply a delight listening to these musicians." - Newspaper Opdalingen


Review on the album Coming Home from The Wire:

"Norwegian singer Heidi Skjerve has put together a top-notch collection of young jazz musicians who are making a real name for themselves in Scandinavia. The Heidi Skjerve Quintet features Epsen Reinertsen on saxophone and clarinet, Erlend Stettevoll on piano, Lars Elkman on bass, Truls Ronning on drums and Skjerve on vocals. The singer also composed all the quintet’s songs. Although she has clearly been influenced by jazz standards (“Love’s Philosophy”), Skjerve also employs modal chord structures and folk sensibility (“The Gypsy”) to create echoes of everyone from Miles Davis to Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake. This warm and very personal brand of music will likely appeal to longtime jazz fans and provide a nice entrée for those less familiar with the genre.